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What is a Schedule of Condition Survey?

Dec 2, 2022


Thank you, for clicking on today’s Property Surveying blogpost.  In this week’s instalment of our informative property surveying post, we are going to be looking at Schedule of Condition Reports and Schedule of Condition Surveys.

A Schedule of Condition takes place prior to any planned construction work, and is in place to ensure that there is a robust and thorough record of the neighbouring property prior to that construction work commencing.

A Schedule of Condition Report can also take place in advance of the start of a tenancy, lease, or alteration or change to a neighbouring property.

The Schedule of Condition Report will see an experienced and qualified surveyor work their way through the area that is being inspected in a methodical and comprehensive manner.

The aim of the inspection will be to ensure that a record can be produced, with that record then giving the all-important information and input on the pre-works or pre-tenancy property condition.

The aim and outcome being that if there is any suggestion or claim that issue or damage has arisen, there will be an impartial surveyor’s report in both written and photographic format that all parties can refer back to, in order to ensure that the damage allegation can be validated, rectified and ultimately checked against.

Schedule of Condition Reports and Surveys will focus on those areas of the subject property, or neighbouring property, that are likely to be affected by either the planned construction works or the tenancy as a whole.

What Areas does the Schedule of Condition Report Cover?

Ultimately, this will very much be dependant upon the purpose of the Schedule of Condition Survey in the first instance.

If indeed the Schedule of Condition is dealing with neighbouring construction works, it is going to focus on all of those areas of the neighbouring property that are likely to be at risk of issue or damage.

This damage will be by way of both percussive risk and issue (which result from the construction works), while also taking into account the structural change that the planned works could have on the neighbouring structure.

Structural works will affect and change the way shared party walls carry load.  Equally, if there are any planned excavations, the installation of the concrete foundation into the ground is likely to change the way the soil around it supports the neighbouring structures.

This can indeed have a knock-on effect and movement to those structures.

What will a Schedule of Condition Focus On?

The Schedule of Condition Report and Survey is going to look at the property both internally and externally.

Internally, the report will focus on all elements and facets of the property, documenting and recording the condition of them.

Typically, within the internal parts of the property this is going to be ceilings, walls, windows, doors, floors and any other elements that make up the respective rooms.

Cracks, scuffs, traffic marks and open joints are all going to be documented within walls and ceilings.

Smooth operation, binding windows or doors and cracked glazing, are all going to be set out and documented with windows and doors.

Finally, when it comes to floors, verticality and evenness of floors is going to be commented upon, as are scuff, traffic and wear and tear marks to the floor surface itself.

Externally, the Schedule of Condition Survey will focus on the overall condition of the external facades of the property.

This will include, however is not limited to, walls, ground, gardens, pathways, gates and light fittings.

The ultimate aim being that there is clear record of condition in place.  Thereby making it definitive and straightforward, as well as simple for all parties to clearly understand if indeed the post-inspection condition is the same as the initial inspection’s condition.

How Much does a Schedule of Condition Survey Cost?

The cost of the Schedule of Condition Report and Survey will very much depend on the extent that the survey is going to cover.

Generally speaking, here at Stokemont, our surveys start from the £300 plus VAT mark.

These surveys will generally go up in cost, if indeed the construction work that is planned is high-risk, as that will ultimately require the survey to cover additional areas and rooms that it ordinarily would not need to.

Equally, if it is for a tenancy or lease, the size of the subject property will very much dictate the price.  Generally speaking, the larger the property being surveyed, the more time on site it will take the surveyor to complete the instruction.

In respect of our costs, we are very proud to offer fixed costs which clients will be well aware of prior to the surveyor’s instruction.

If you would like to obtain a fixed-cost quotation for our Schedule of Condition services, we would advise that you get in touch with us, confirm what the purpose and instruction is for.

We will then be very happy to provide you with a fixed-cost quotation, timings and availability.

Will I be sent the Schedule of Condition Report and Photographs?

Yes, in short, the outcome of the surveyor’s instruction will be to furnish the client, and in some cases the neighbouring property owner, with a copy of the Schedule of Condition Report.

Here at Stokemont, our Schedule of Condition Reports are comprehensive and will be in a written format.

We will also provide a link to our secure data server, which will hold the photographs in 4KHD quality.

These photographs will be held for no less than six years post-instruction as per Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) requirements.

How Can I Book a Schedule of Condition Survey?

All you need to do, as set out above, is to get in touch with us.  We will happily undertake a survey on your behalf, setting out both the fixed cost, timings for inspection and timings for completion and servicing of the report to you.

Why Select Stokemont for your Schedule of Condition Survey?

Here at Stokemont, we are building surveyors by profession.

This gives us the unparalleled advantage of fully understanding properties as a whole.

This well places us to be able to prepared robust and comprehensive Schedule of Condition Reports that will focus on each and every facet of the property as a whole.

We are also very proud to offer Schedule of Condition Reports to companies and professionals within the property industry.

Through SOC Direct, we offer services to architects, engineers, other building surveyors, party wall surveyors, estate agents, and Local Authorities.

To give you an indication of how many surveys we do each week, on average it is anywhere between 15-20 different properties that are inspected.

This experience and breadth of knowledge ensures that your Schedule of Condition Survey and Report is in safe and experienced hands.

If you would like to discuss Schedule of Condition Surveys with our team of experienced and qualified surveyors here at Stokemont, please feel free to give us a call today, and we will be more than happy to assist and advise you.

You can also pop us an email, and we will be more than happy to provide you a fixed-cost quotation and idea of timings.

We hope you have enjoyed this week’s instalment of our informative surveying blogpost.  If you have any questions in respect of Schedule of Condition Surveys, or any other surveying services that we offer here at Stokemont, please feel free to get in touch with us today.  Thank you, for reading.

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