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Schedule of Condition Reports

Our Surveyors have undertaken thousands of Schedule of Condition Reports over the years

A Schedule of Condition Report will ensure that a Surveyor visits the property adjoining the work, to prepare a through and impartial record of condition Report.

The Schedule of Condition Report will benchmark the condition of the neighbouring property, thereby ensuring that any defects, damage or issues attributed to the construction works are easily identifiable.

What Does a Schedule of Condition Surveyor Do?

The Surveyor’s role will be to comprehensively inspect all parts of the property both externally and internally that are in close proximity to the proposed construction works.

The Surveyor’s aim will be to record and detail the condition as thoroughly and clearly as possible, ensuring there is a robust record in place in advance of the construction works commencing.

The inspection will result in hundreds to thousands of high definition photographs being taken and a detailed report being compiled.

Our Schedule of Condition Reports

Here at Stokemont there as two types of Schedule of Condition Reports that we offer:

Written & Photographic Schedule of Condition Report

This is the most comprehensive pre construction works inspection and report that can be undertaken. The report includes a full written record of those areas of the property in close proximity to where the works are being undertaken. It also includes a full photographic record that will be held on account and referred back to in the event of issue.

Photographic Schedule of Condition Report

The report includes a full photgraphic record of those areas of the property in close proximity to where the works are being undertaken. These images will form part of a Surveyor’s report and be held on account and referred back to in the event of issue.

Schedule of Condition Report Surveying Costs

Here at Stokemont, we believe that Schedule of Condition Report Surveying costs should be transparent and clear. As a guide our prices are as below, in order to obtain a fixed cost, please get in touch with our Surveying team who will be happy to advise.

Photographic Schedule of Condition Reports for Flats

From £300 + VAT

Photographic Schedule of Condition Reports for Houses

From £350 + VAT

Written & Photographic Schedule of Condition Reports for Flats

From £400 + VAT

Written & Photographic Schedule of Condition Reports for Houses

From £450 + VAT

Want to see an example of one of our Schedule of Condition Reports?

Schedule of Condition Reports will vary depending on the condition of the property and the defects that exist. We’ve included a typical example which you can see below.

Click on the icon to see an example Schedule of Condition Report.

Typical Schedule of Condition Surveying Questions & Video FAQ

How long does a Schedule of Condition Report take?
The Surveyor undertaking the Schedule of Condition Report will likely take anywhere between 45 minutes to up to 3 hours on site during the inspection.

The length of the inspection very much depends on the neighbouring construction works being undertaken, the size of the property, and ultimately the defect that exists within it.

Will the Surveyor provide Photographs?
Yes, we provide HD images with all of our reports.

We also store images on our secure cloud based server for a minimum term of five years in accordance with our governing bodies requirements.

How detailed is the Schedule of Condition Report?
The Schedule of Condition Report will in involve an experience and qualified Surveyor visiting the neighboring owner’s property in advance of the construction works commencing.

Their aim will be to ensure they collect a robust and thorough record of the property acting as proof in the event of damage claim, or damage.

Why Should I Select Stokemont to Complete a Schedule of Condition Report?
Here at Stokemont, we are building surveyors at our core. We undertake hundreds of Schedule of Condition Reports each and every month.

We are also very proud to undertake Schedule of Condition Reports for various different property companies within the industry including surveyors, architects, engineers, property agents and solicitors.

This is done via SOC Direct.

This means that on a yearly basis, we can inspect anywhere between 3,000-5,000 properties, meaning that we are well-placed and importantly trusted by our peers to complete comprehensive and robust Schedule of Condition Reports.

Why Would I Need a Schedule of Condition Report?
Schedule of Condition Reports are the key go-to document when construction works are taking place to a neighbouring property.

The key aim of the Schedule of Condition Report is to set out the neighbouring owner’s property condition pre-works.

This will make it incredibly easy and straightforward to establish and confirm if there has been any change to that record during the course of the works or post-works.

It is then for the surveyor who undertook the Schedule to make a researched and informed decision as to whether the damage that has been alleged is different to that of the condition set out within the pre-works Schedule of Condition Report, and importantly whether there is a link between the construction works that took place and the damage that has been recorded.

If indeed the link is strong and the surveyor’s opinion is that they are related, at that stage it will make it incredibly straightforward for the adjoining owner to then pursue the neighbouring for the damage and ultimately the making good of it.

Will the Surveyor Visit after the Schedule of Condition Report?
Yes, if requested and agreed at instruction, the surveyor can visit to check off the Schedule of Condition Report.

Checking off the Schedule of Condition Report will see the surveyor re-trace the initial Schedule of Condition Report footsteps, following the same methodical approach to check if there have been any issues caused, or change of Schedule of Condition to that that was noted in advance of the instruction.

Do you Offer Photographic-only Schedule of Condition Reports?
No, as a firm it is a conscious decision that we do not offer Photographic-only Schedule of Condition Reports.

Ultimately, we want to ensure that we can do the most robust service we can, and we feel that providing a comprehensive written record is a legally-sound approach to Schedule of Condition instructions.

For that reason, we do not undertake Photographic-only Schedule of Condition Reports as part of our service offerings.

How Much does a Schedule of Condition Cost?
Schedule of Condition Reports will cost anywhere from £300 plus VAT.

The Schedule of Condition Report costs will account for both the surveyor’s photographs and report.

Will the Defect Analysis Report identify the problem with the property?

How long does the Defect Analysis Report take?

What should I do once I have the Defect Analysis Report?

Will intrusive inspection be undertaken?

No. In all normal circumstances the surveyor’s inspection is going to be visual or where possible small areas of the element that contains the defects will be carefully opened up and inspected.

However it should be worth noting that as surveyors we are not insured to undertake destructive opening up therefore if you did want to gain the benefit of full inspection of the defective area of the property in question this would need to be done prior to the surveyor’s visit via a contractor or alternatively at the time of the surveyor’s inspection with a contractor present.

Will you discuss report content with the contractor?

Yes. The report will be fully discussed with the contractor providing that you are happy for us to do that.

At that time we will share our findings, recommendations and importantly aid them in undertaking the necessary making good and repair of the problem.

Here are some Schedule of Condition Reports we’ve done in the past:

Bloomfield Terrace, Belgravia, SW1W

Stokemont Surveyors were very pleased to assist a client with a Schedule of Condition Report of their neighbour’s house on Bloomfield Terrace, Belgravia, SW1W in advance of their proposed rear extension construction works taking place.

 Timeline: 5 days

Gowan Avenue, Fulham, SW6

With the house in the centre of this terrace undertaking a full refurbishment, loft conversion and rear extension. Stokemont’s Surveying team provided Schedule of Condition Reports of two mid terrace houses on Gowan Avenue, Fulham, SW6.

 Timeline: 3 days

Troy Court, Kensington High Street, W8

Stokemont Surveyors undertook multiple Schedule of Condition Reports in respect of complex structural changes and alterations taking place to this purpose built block of flats in Troy Court on Kensington High Street, W8.

 Timeline: 7 days

Team Qualifications

Our team of Surveyors are not only highly experienced but importantly they are also qualified.

 We’re proud to confirm our Surveyors hold membership status and accreditation to some of the world’s leading professional governing bodies including; the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb), The Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE), the Pyramus and Thisbe Club (P&T) and the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR).


Thoroughly recommend Stokemont! Professional and knowledgeable. We had a few problems but Stokemont’s experience and advice helped us find the best solution to the problem and moved us forward with no delays. They were quick to respond and always kept us in the loop with the process. Will definitely be using their services again in the future and recommending them to friends/family. Thank you again!

JL 03/05/21

I have experienced an excellent service from Bradley. His knowledge and expertise have been invaluable as well as his professional courtesy to make himself readily available to guide us through the process.

RM 30/04/21

Bradley at Stokemont has been extremely helpful and professional. We had some potential issues with our neighbours but he put our minds at rest and talked us through the options as well as going above and beyond in our personal circumstance. Having used a few party wall surveyors in my own professional capacity I thought Stokemont had the good balance of the right advice and looking after our interests. Would definitely look to them for any future Party Wall Matters.

AH 26/04/21

Great experience with Stokemont surveyors so far, in helping us move forward with our home renovation project. I spoke to a few surveyors before deciding to go with Stokemont. Bradley’s knowledge, experience and professionalism gave me the confidence that I had found a company I could work with.

DZ 29/03/21

I am removing a Chimney breast from my Semi-detached home, and Bradley from Stokemont talked me through all the options (couldn’t believe how many ways this could go) involved with serving a Party Wall Notice. It took less than 48 hours from me speaking with Bradley, to serving the party wall, and then my neighbour had it returned in less than a week after that. Simple, efficient and easy. Will 100% recommend their services.

HC 08/03/21

A fantastic, efficient and honest service from Stokemonts Bradley Mackenzie. He was clear, transparent and very helpful dealing with our party wall matter. He came as a recommendation and will be my recommendation if anyone ever asks me for a Party Wall Surveyor!

NH 30/02/21

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