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Free Party Wall Notices

Party Wall Noticity is our Free Party Wall Notice Creator and is based around the ethos that creating a Party Wall Notice can be done with Simplicity… hence the name Noticity!

What is a Party Wall Notice?

Party Wall Notices aren’t always served by Party Wall Surveyors and from a legal standpoint, don’t need to be!

With this in mind, we understand that many building owners like to serve their own Party Wall Notices, as they not only benefit from cost savings, but in many cases are able to take a much more neighbourly approach to the Party Wall Notice’s service.

Party Wall Noticity is pretty simple really, you fill out the information below, you will then be provided a simply worded and straightforward Free Party Wall Notice that we can be served by you directly to your neighbour.

We’ve designed the service to be simple, straightforward and most importantly legally valid.

When to use a Party Wall Notice?

It’s important to bear in mind that a Party Wall Notice is a legal document and invoke’s the Party Wall etc Act 1996 upon the adjoining owner. 

As with any legal document service, a sound approach is always advised. Here at Stokemont, we’d only advise using Party Wall Noticity if neighbourly relations are good and the adjoining owner is well informed on the proposed woks.

How to Serve your Party Wall Notice Noticity?

In order to ensure your Party Wall Notice service is legally valid, the Notice will need to be served in one of the following ways:

By Hand

Serving the Party Wall Notice by hand is always the preferable option as it ensure you’re able to add an all important neighbourly approach to the Notice Service. 

By Post

Serving the Party Wall Notice by post is the most common form of Party Wall Notice Service. Be sure to obtain proof of postage as you’ll likely need this in the event of non response. 

By Email

Serving the Party Wall Notice by email is one of the more common forms of service these days. Be mindful that the adjoining owner will need to have confirmed they’re happy with Notice service in this format.

What are the Benefits of Party Wall Notices?

While there are a lot of other free Party Wall Notice creators out there, we believe the main three benefits of using Party Wall Noticity to be as follows:

It's Free!

Yes that is right, Party Wall Noticty is 100% free. We understand that many building owners like to serve their own Party Wall Notice as they not only benefit from cost savings, but in many cases are able to take a much more neighbourly approach to the Party Wall Notice’s service.

Quick Response

We provide the adjoining owner and recipient of Party Wall Noticty the opportunity to respond to the Notice electronically. This can make their response a lot quicker than conventional potage response, not to mention a great deal easier! As soon as we are sent their Party Wall Noice response, we will be sure to forward this onto you directly and without delay.

QR Technology

Our Party Wall Noticty Notices include QR code technology that enables the recipient to be directed via smart phone to our Party Wall Noticity Response page. We’ve found this to be a huge credit in avoiding an adjoining owner seeking advice from other Party Wall Surveyors, in turn reducing the chances of them appointing their own Surveyor.

Want to Speak with a Party Wall Surveyor?

Please feel free to contact our experienced team of Party Wall Surveyors. We will be more than happy to discuss the Party Wall etc Act 1996’s Notice procedures, the proposed construction works as well as any other concerns or queries you may have.

Here are some Party Wall Surveying projects we've done in the past:

Rutland Mews South, Knightsbridge, SW7

The Stokemont team were very pleased to be able assist with the completion of a Party Wall Surveying Schedule of Condition Report for a stunning mews house located on Rutland Mews South, Knightsbridge, SW7. The neighbouring works included a single storey basement conversion and extension on Rutland Street.

 Timeline: 27 days

High Street Kensington, London, W8

The Stokemont team were very pleased to be able assist with the completion of a Party Wall Award for this mid level flat located on High Street Kensington, London. The construction works included the removal of internal structural walls, the introduction of new steel support and the replacement of floors and ceilings.

 Timeline: 12 days

St Stephen's Terrace, Stockwell, SW8

The Stokemont team were very pleased to be able assist with the service of Party Wall Notices, a Schedule of Condition Report and Agreement of a Party Wall Award on this mid terraced turn of the century home on St Stephen's Terrace, Stockwell. The Party Wall works included the installation of steel work into the Party Wall and relocation of internal walls.

 Timeline: 22 days

Team Qualifications

Our team of Surveyors are not only highly experienced but importantly they are also qualified.

We’re proud to confirm our Surveyors hold membership status and accreditation to some of the world’s leading professional governing bodies including; the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb), The Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) and the Pyramus and Thisbe Club (P&T).

Surveyor Testimonials

I had a great experience with Stokemont who recently carried out a full building survey on a house we are buying. We had an extremely thorough and detailed report sent to us I’d recommend Stokemont to anyone needing a survey.

AM 30/10/22

Thoroughly recommend Stokemont! Professional and knowledgeable. We had a few problems but Stokemont’s experience and advice helped us find the best solution to the problem and moved us forward with no delays. They were quick to respond and always kept us in the loop with the process. Will definitely be using their services again in the future and recommending them to friends/family. Thank you again!

JL 03/05/21

We worked with Stokemont for a RICS survey and have only positive things to say. Thorough, clear, professional, and took time to explain findings in details. Would definitely recommend.

LM 25/01/23

Bradley at Stokemont has been extremely helpful and professional. We had some potential issues with our neighbours but he put our minds at rest and talked us through the options as well as going above and beyond in our personal circumstance. Having used a few party wall surveyors in my own professional capacity I thought Stokemont had the good balance of the right advice and looking after our interests. Would definitely look to them for any future Party Wall Matters.

AH 26/04/21

Stokemont was extremely prompt in their responses at every stage and we were assisted on every occasion when needed. The delivery target met our very tight deadline requirements. Will definitely recommend without any hesitation.

MS 19/01/23

Great experience with Stokemont surveyors so far, in helping us move forward with our home renovation project. I spoke to a few surveyors before deciding to go with Stokemont. Bradley's knowledge, experience and professionalism gave me the confidence that I had found a company I could work with.

DZ 29/03/21

I am removing a Chimney breast from my Semi-detached home, and Bradley from Stokemont talked me through all the options (couldn't believe how many ways this could go) involved with serving a Party Wall Notice. It took less than 48 hours from me speaking with Bradley, to serving the party wall, and then my neighbour had it returned in less than a week after that. Simple, efficient and easy. Will 100% recommend their services.

HC 08/03/21

A fantastic, efficient and honest service from Stokemonts Bradley Mackenzie. He was clear, transparent and very helpful dealing with our party wall matter. He came as a recommendation and will be my recommendation if anyone ever asks me for a Party Wall Surveyor!

NH 30/02/21

I have experienced an excellent service from Bradley. His knowledge and expertise have been invaluable as well as his professional courtesy to make himself readily available to guide us through the process.

RM 30/04/21

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