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Defect Analysis Reports From a Qualified Building Defect Surveyor

Our Surveyors have undertaken thousands of Defect Analysis Reports over the years

A Defect Analysis Report sees a Surveyor visit your property to inspect and report upon a specific defect or issue.

Defects addressed through a Defect Analysis Report can be far and wide, over the years we’ve seen everything from damp, to bomb damage, to trespass! 

The Report will ensure that you’ve got a comprehensive understanding of the matter, so that you can best address and resolve the issue.

What Does a Defect Analysis Report Surveyor Do?

The Surveyor’s role will be to comprehensively inspect the defect that exists within the property determining the cause of the problem.

Following on from the inspection they will then compile their findings into a report, giving objective and clear advice on how to rectify the issue.

Stokemont’s top 5 Common Property Defects Noted over the Years


Damp is by far one of the most common defect our Surveyor’s locate on a daily basis. This defect can cause severe issue if it isn’t addressed. With costs of repair and then decorative remedy being required, this isn’t a defect to ignore!


Property Subsidence causes can be far and wide and related to a vast array of causes. With decorative making good and repair costs being substantial, ensuring the property is clear of this defect is imperative.


Ranging from woodworm, wood boring beetles, wasps and even birds! Pests can take many different forms. Woodworm and Beetles can quickly work their way through the wooden fabric of the property causing irreparable damage and costly replacement.  


Defective roofs can be as simple as changing the covering, however can also be more sinister requiring structural support, and even replacement. Despite Roofs being one of the largest parts of the property, they tend to be one of the most frequently ignored parts. 

Façade Issues

With common issues such as spalling brickwork, damp ingress, bridged Damp Proof Courses or blown render. Repairs can be costly and easy for an untrained eye to miss. 

Defect Analysis Report Surveying Costs

 Here at Stokemont, we believe that RICS HomeBuyer Report Surveying costs should be transparent and clear. As a guide our prices are as below, in order to obtain a fixed cost, please get in touch with our team of chartered surveyors who will be happy to advise.

Defect Analysis Report for Flats:

From £750 + VAT

Defect Analysis Report for Houses:

From £800 + VAT

Typical Defect Analysis Surveying Questions & Video FAQ

Will the Defect Analysis Report identify the problem with the property?
Yes.  In all normal circumstances our surveyors will not only confirm what the issue is within the property, they will also confirm what the cause of the problem is along with the necessary repair that is required to rectify the issue.

If possible, they will also give a firm indication of the likely cost to rectify and remedy the problem helping you to make a fully informed decision on the next steps to not only solve the problem, but undertake the all necessary making good.

How long does the Defect Analysis Report take?
This will very much depend upon the defect that is noted.

Generally speaking the property inspection itself can take anywhere from one to three hours.

During that time the surveyor is likely going to ask questions and have a discussion about the background to the problem.

They will then undertake a comprehensive and full inspection of the defect and property as a whole trying to establish its cause and importantly its remedy.

What should I do once I have the Defect Analysis Report?

At that stage we would advise opening further discussions with a specialist contractor to ensure that the issue is not only rectified but made good.

Importantly we would advise that the report’s contents are shared with the selected contractor so they are fully abreast of the surveyor’s opinion and recommended course of remedy.

Will intrusive inspection be undertaken?

No. In all normal circumstances the surveyor’s inspection is going to be visual or where possible small areas of the element that contains the defects will be carefully opened up and inspected.

However it should be worth noting that as surveyors we are not insured to undertake destructive opening up therefore if you did want to gain the benefit of full inspection of the defective area of the property in question this would need to be done prior to the surveyor’s visit via a contractor or alternatively at the time of the surveyor’s inspection with a contractor present.

Will you discuss report content with the contractor?
Yes. The report will be fully discussed with the contractor providing that you are happy for us to do that.

At that time we will share our findings, recommendations and importantly aid them in undertaking the necessary making good and repair of the problem.

See us in Action! These are some Defect Analysis Surveys we have been involved in:

Team Qualifications

Our team of Surveyors are not only highly experienced but importantly they are also qualified.

We’re proud to confirm our Surveyors hold membership status and accreditation to some of the world’s leading professional governing bodies including; the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb), The Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) and the Pyramus and Thisbe Club (P&T).

Surveyor Testimonials

I had a great experience with Stokemont who recently carried out a full building survey on a house we are buying. We had an extremely thorough and detailed report sent to us I’d recommend Stokemont to anyone needing a survey.

AM 30/10/22

Thoroughly recommend Stokemont! Professional and knowledgeable. We had a few problems but Stokemont’s experience and advice helped us find the best solution to the problem and moved us forward with no delays. They were quick to respond and always kept us in the loop with the process. Will definitely be using their services again in the future and recommending them to friends/family. Thank you again!

JL 03/05/21

We worked with Stokemont for a RICS survey and have only positive things to say. Thorough, clear, professional, and took time to explain findings in details. Would definitely recommend.

LM 25/01/23

Bradley at Stokemont has been extremely helpful and professional. We had some potential issues with our neighbours but he put our minds at rest and talked us through the options as well as going above and beyond in our personal circumstance. Having used a few party wall surveyors in my own professional capacity I thought Stokemont had the good balance of the right advice and looking after our interests. Would definitely look to them for any future Party Wall Matters.

AH 26/04/21

Stokemont was extremely prompt in their responses at every stage and we were assisted on every occasion when needed. The delivery target met our very tight deadline requirements. Will definitely recommend without any hesitation.

MS 19/01/23

Great experience with Stokemont surveyors so far, in helping us move forward with our home renovation project. I spoke to a few surveyors before deciding to go with Stokemont. Bradley's knowledge, experience and professionalism gave me the confidence that I had found a company I could work with.

DZ 29/03/21

I am removing a Chimney breast from my Semi-detached home, and Bradley from Stokemont talked me through all the options (couldn't believe how many ways this could go) involved with serving a Party Wall Notice. It took less than 48 hours from me speaking with Bradley, to serving the party wall, and then my neighbour had it returned in less than a week after that. Simple, efficient and easy. Will 100% recommend their services.

HC 08/03/21

A fantastic, efficient and honest service from Stokemonts Bradley Mackenzie. He was clear, transparent and very helpful dealing with our party wall matter. He came as a recommendation and will be my recommendation if anyone ever asks me for a Party Wall Surveyor!

NH 30/02/21

I have experienced an excellent service from Bradley. His knowledge and expertise have been invaluable as well as his professional courtesy to make himself readily available to guide us through the process.

RM 30/04/21

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