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Boundary Surveying Facts

Nov 13, 2023


Hello and welcome to our property surveying blog post, in today’s topic we are going to be going over building serving procedures, in today’s topic we are going to look at what is a boundary survey.

A boundary survey is when you will have an independent expert determine where they believe the boundary possession to be. They will do this through conducting an inspection followed on my further desk top research in which they will cumulate their finding in the form of a report.

When might you need a boundary survey?

If there is a dispute between you and your neighbor in regard to the location, ownership, or liability of the boundary position.

It could be a joint instruction and we are appointed by both neighbors who are simply just trying to gain insight into the boundary position.

One of the more typical reasons that we see at Stokemont for boundary surveys, is when one side has conducted works such as a rear or side extension that would require the removal of the fence or party fence wall, as when that is reinstated it could be done so in the wrong position and so an issue with the boundary will arise.

What will a Boundary Surveyor do?

Before the inspection is to take place the boundary surveyor will initially, this will begin with a conversation between the surveyor and the owner to get a background of the dispute.

Attempting to gain as much insight into the nature of the dispute and the property in question. To what type of property is on the parcel of land is on, the construction of the fence, who legally owns it (if known), and if there have been any alterations that have taken place recently.

Once this has been done they will begin with assessing the lay of the land, taking a look out for any historical markers or any other good indicators of the boundary in question.

They may also take certain measurements to aid in finding the boundary position, such as the points between two bay window openings or between the two flank walls of the properties.

The on-site inspection will generally consist of 50% of what the boundary surveyor will do with the other 50% consisting of doing desktop research in which the surveyor will attempt to find a wide range of data in the form of HMLR documentation, OS Maps, Historic maps/photographs. Using all the findings to come to a determination of the boundary position if it is possible to do so.

What to do when you receive the report?

If there is a dispute the report can be presented to your neighbors along with a letter before action if they are trespassing.

Once they are in recite of the report and the letter before action, they are capable of contacting their own boundary surveyor and have their own report conducted, if their boundary surveyor does come to a differing determination of the boundary position, the two surveyors will attempt to discuss their finding with one another and see if they can come to an agreement on the matter.

If they cannot reach an amicable determination together then a third boundary surveyor may be called upon who would come to their own determination taking into consideration the findings of the other two surveyors.

I hope this gives you further insight into what is a boundary survey, if you have any further questions in regards to today’s blog post or any of the other services that we offer here at Stokemont, then please do not hesitate to get in touch today by either giving us a call or popping us over an email and one of our experienced surveyors will be happy to assist and advise.

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