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Sheep’s Wool Insulation – That’s Baar-my!

Dec 3, 2021

In today’s property blog post, we are going to be looking at home, and in particular loft insulation. If you’re planning a loft conversion, while you’re probably looking at procedures such as Party Wall Surveying, Planning Permission and Building Regulations, don’t forget, you can also introduce sustainable building installations in a simple and cost effective manner!

Sheep’s wool insulation, is made up of the waste product ‘off cuts’ created through shearing sheep; with current standards in retail being so high, there is only so much wool per sheep that passes screening and goes on to mainstream production.

The wool that isn’t fit for purpose, in most cases being matted or to course would otherwise be a waste product. It is this waste that is then reused & combined with recycled polyester, creating Sheep’s wool insulation.

Sheep’s wool insulation is made with 60% British sheep’s wool, it not only derives from a wasted product making it sustainable, but moreover it has all of the characteristics that make up an effective and high quality insulation product, in many cases actually having added benefits when compared to conventional insulation.

As material wool naturally absorbs air pollutants and controls humidity levels, this is an excellent characteristic within a domestic circumstance, and enables the wool insulation to regulate the temperatures of the home naturally.

Another added benefit is that Sheep’s wool insulation is safe to handle, there is no need for any protective eye, respiratory or clothing, this makes it very simple and care free to install and cut.

Sheep’s wool insulation also has a minimal carbon footprint, unlike many other insulation and building products that are manufactured abroad and then shipped to the UK, meaning they naturally have a large carbon footprint.

Finally, and perhaps one of the most important factors within practicality, the Sheep’s wool insulation is often treated so that it is fire resistant, thereby ensuring that it has a zero ignitability.

While wool insulation costs are higher than the average conventional insulation, taking into consideration the fact that in order to install conventional insulation the user would need to buy; safety goggles, gloves, a jumpsuit and a respiratory mask, the costs begin to even out.

Sheep’s wool insulation is an excellent use of an otherwise waste material, it is fully sustainable and provides added benefits when in comparison to conventional products, moreover in buying it, the purchaser will be supporting British trade and business.

If you’d like to discuss your proposed loft conversion plans with our team of Party Wall Surveyors, give us a call today and we will more than happy to assist and advise.

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