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RICS HomeBuyer Reports FAQs

Aug 7, 2023


Thank you for clicking on our Property Surveying Blog, we are going to be taking a look at some of the typical questions our surveyors are asked in the lead up to being instructed to assist with RICS HomeBuyer Reports on behalf of clients!

Will The Surveyor Inspect Both Inside and Outside of the Property?

Yes the surveyor’s role will be to fully and comprehensively inspect all internal and external parts of the subject property.  Externally this will extend to the grounds and garden, all walls and roofs. 

Internally this will extend to the roof space and all rooms within the property itself. 

It should be worth noting that fully inspecting all parts of a flat can sometimes be a touch complicated as other flats and demises will make up part of the building. 

In this case the surveyor is only going to inspect those parts that are possible to access.

What Should I Do if the Report Identifies Defects?

If the RICS Homebuyer Report flags up defects which will commonly be in the form of a condition rating 3 or cost rating high we would advise that discussions are had with the surveyor at the earliest opportunity that will ensure that you are fully abreast of what the cost implications of the defect and issue are, what is needed to rectify the problem and the necessary advice as to the severity of that problem. 

It would also give you firm standing to then be able to open discussions with the seller likely in an effort to reduce the overall purchase price that has been offered to take account of the disrepair and cost implications of that. 

Why Do I Need an RICS Homebuyers Report?

An RICS Homebuyer report will see a qualified RICS building surveyor fully inspect the property that is being purchased.  While you will go through all of the necessary legal checks with conveyancers and mortgage brokers, if you don’t instruct a surveyor to inspect and advise you of the condition you are likely to be in a scenario where you are somewhat buying into the property blind. 

The benefit of a surveyor’s inspection and report is that it is going to go through the property internally and externally, top to bottom fully advising you of the defects and issues, this advice being in a traffic light condition rating system and a low to high cost rating system. 

The aim here to ensure that you are fully abreast of all of the issues that that property has so that you can then make an informed decision as to whether the purchase price you have offered is indeed reflective of the current state of the property. 

Will The Surveyor Be Qualified?

Yes, in order to undertake and complete an RICS Homebuyer Report the building surveyor will need to be qualified and hold professional membership to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. 

Will The Surveyor Check for Damp?

Yes, part of the surveyor’s arsenal of tools will include a damp meter, damp meter checks will be taken throughout the property, usually at high, mid and low levels of the walls that will ensure that the surveyor is able to fully assess if there is any form of damp issue that exists within the property itself. 

In the event that damp is located which is altogether quite common the surveyor will put forward their professional opinion as to what is causing that damp along with the necessary rectification requirements and likely costs in that regard. 

What Are Common Defects?

When it comes to inspecting properties there are never any two that are alike however that being said there are typical defects that our surveyors find day after day. 

These tend to be issues such as damp, pest infestation, subsidence or defects that result in disrepair. 

Whenever an issue is located the surveyor is always going to fully explain where it is, what is causing it and importantly what needs to be done to rectify it along with the likely costs for rectification. 

The aim here being that you are fully informed of exactly what you are purchasing into and the necessary action you will need to take should you become the new property owner. 

How Long Does It Take To Get My Homebuyer Report?

Here at Stokemont we can generally get RICS Homebuyer Reports booked into the diary within 2-3 days of instruction. 

Once we have inspected we then aim to have the report with you within 2-3 days. 

Overall it is about a one week turnaround.  We fully understand that the purchaser is going to want to know the full facts as soon as possible and therefore we have got a tried and tested procedure in place to enable prompt turnaround.

Can I Be Present During the Surveyor’s Inspection?

If you wanted to be present during the survey we would advise that you either meet the surveyor before he starts the inspection outside the property or alternatively meet him upon completion of the inspection. 

During the survey itself the surveyor is going to want to apply his full attention to the issues and defects that are being located and ensure that he can complete that without any distraction. 

Whenever we complete a report we always welcome our clients to have a full discussion with us upon its receipt as we find that that best aids understanding of the issues and gives them the full facts to then go back to the seller to inform them of their surveyor’s findings. 

Can The Surveyor Discuss His Findings with the Selling Agent or Seller?

Yes, we are very happy to discuss our findings with either the seller or the agent directly. 

Prior to doing this we would advise that the report is shared with those respective parties to ensure that they are fully abreast of the surveyor’s findings. 

If they do indeed have any enquiries in respect of the report’s outcome discussion with the surveyor is always a good way to ensure that all parties are on the same page and fully understand the implications and outcomes of the report and issues found.

What Happens If I Don’t Proceed with the Property Purchase?

Unfortunately there can be scenarios whereby the outcome of the surveyor’s inspection and report and cost implications of the defects located can put buyers off from purchasing the subject property. 

If indeed that happens to be the case we would gladly offer any discount on any further surveys that we are instructed to undertake on any new properties that you locate and go through the purchase process for.

Why Should I Select Stokemont?

While all Homebuyer Reports are going to follow the same structure with the same content, here at Stokemont we have gone a step further and included our industry first costs rating system. 

This costs rating system assesses the defect located in a low, mid and high category. 

The aim here being that you are fully informed of what the realistic remedy costs are going to be to make good the defect the surveyor locates. 

We are also very proud to undertake multiple different pre-purchase surveys each and every week.  As a firm we are building surveyors at our core and fully understand the defects and issues that can exist to all different types of properties whether that is a house, maisonette or flat. 

This experience ensures that you are in safe hands when it comes to purchase surveying requirements. 

If you have any further questions or a specific question, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of Building Surveyors today. We will be more than happy to assist and advise.

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