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Defect Analysis Reports FAQs

Jan 16, 2023


Thank you for clicking on our Property Surveying Blog, we are going to be taking a look at some of the typical questions our surveyors are asked in the lead up to being instructed to assist with Defect Analysis Reports on behalf of clients!

Will the defect analysis report identify the problem within the property?

Yes.  In all normal circumstances our surveyors will not only confirm what the issue is within the property, they will also confirm what the cause of the problem is along with the necessary repair that is required to rectify the issue. 

If possible, they will also give a firm indication of the likely cost to rectify and remedy the problem helping you to make a fully informed decision on the next steps to not only solve the problem, but undertake the all necessary making good. 

How long does the defect analysis report take?

This will very much depend upon the defect that is noted. 

Generally speaking the property inspection itself can take anywhere from one to three hours. 

During that time the surveyor is likely going to ask questions and have a discussion about the background to the problem. 

They will then undertake a comprehensive and full inspection of the defect and property as a whole trying to establish its cause and importantly its remedy. 

What should I do once I have the defect analysis report?

At that stage we would advise opening further discussions with a specialist contractor to ensure that the issue is not only rectified but made good.

Importantly we would advise that the report’s contents are shared with the selected contractor so they are fully abreast of the surveyor’s opinion and recommended course of remedy. 

Will you discuss report content with the contractor?

Yes.  The report will be fully discussed with the contractor providing that you are happy for us to do that. 

At that time we will share our findings, recommendations and importantly aid them in undertaking the necessary making good and repair of the problem. 

Will intrusive inspection be undertaken?

No.  In all normal circumstances the surveyor’s inspection is going to be visual or where possible small areas of the element that contains the defects will be carefully opened up and inspected. 

However it should be worth noting that as surveyors we are not insured to undertake destructive opening up therefore if you did want to gain the benefit of full inspection of the defective area of the property in question this would need to be done prior to the surveyor’s visit via a contractor or alternatively at the time of the surveyor’s inspection with a contractor present. 

Should I inform my property insurer?

Yes.  We would very much advise that prior to the surveyor’s instruction discussions are had with the property insurer. 

This will ensure that they are in agreement to the approach and logic of a defect analysis report.  In many cases you may even be able to claim the costs back for the surveyor’s instruction. 

Equally, you may find that the insurer have a preferred procedure and if your cover allows it they may even arrange for their own surveyor to inspect and put forward recommendations on making good remedy and ultimately rectification of the defect at hand. 

If you have any further questions or a specific question, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of Building Surveyors today. We will be more than happy to assist and advise.

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