Licence to Alter, a Guide and Overview

Dec 31, 2021

Are you planning on undertaking works to your leasehold property? Do you have an understanding of the Licence for Alterations procedures, and potentially your limitations? I

f the answer to these questions is yes, then at the first instance here at Stokemont we would recommend that you seek the impartial and experienced advice from an RICS chartered surveyor, who will ultimately be able to guide you through the procedures to ensure that you are the right side of your lease’s licence to alter requirements.

At Stokemont, we are happy to review any callers lease, to give them free, no obligation, and impartial advice as to whether the Licence Alterations procedures would indeed apply, and give them a brief overview as to what type of requests they could likely find themselves a party to once they notify the landlord of their proposed works.

So, what is a Licence to Alter?

Put simply, any leaseholder who is planning on undertaking works to their property, must obtain a freeholder’s Licence to Alter before modifying their property and undertaking their desired works.

The Licence to Alter gives the freeholder the opportunity to protect themselves against potential damage and loss, and ultimately ensure that the works do not have an adverse, or negative effect upon the property, or any of their other leaseholders that reside within it.

In more cases than not, a freeholder’s consent for the Licence for Alterations will be granted, with a number of reasonable provisions implemented, to ultimately ensure that these safeguards are in place.

The type of works that a Licence to Alter apply to, can be fairly wide, however we thought we would give you a bit more advice to help you clarify the matter;

  • Structural alterations.
  • Installation of new heating, boilers, or radiators.
  • Window replacement, modernisation, or change.
  • Structural openings.
  • Non-structural openings.
  • Changing the location of toilets or bathrooms.
  • Adding toilets or bathrooms.
  • Changing the final finish of floor coverings.

How can Stokemont help you?

Part of our role as a Licence to Alter surveyor, will be to ensure that the provisions that the landlord applies to the Licence for Alterations are not only reasonable, but achievable. Ultimately ensuring that the Licence for Alterations procedures move swiftly and smoothly facilitating the leaseholder’s proposed works.

If you would like to discuss the Licence for Alterations procedures, or take us up on our advice to give you free advice in respect of your leases alterations clause, get in touch with our team of qualified and chartered surveyors here at Stokemont today and we will be more than happy to assist you.